May 24, 2015

Words to live by.

The Woman who doesn't require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.. 

Remember that ladies. 


May 23, 2015

songs about rain.

It's raining. Yup it's pouring..

& as the rain falls it's ever so evident and clear that money can't buy you - class, sass or happiness. 

Well played God .. Well Played.. 

You know what else I've been thinking about..? How social media has turned everyone into someone.. Hear me out.. Online.. When you have the ability to post, edit and delete as you please.. It's so easy to have a picture perfect life. #tooblessedtobestressed ... So OVER that hashtag. Ok it's kinda like.. Money talks..wealth whispers... 

Something's should be kept to yourself. 
I mean.. Just saying... Wow. What a little sassy rant.. Hate me, like or love me.. Ya know I'm right. 

Maybe is about knowing your limits. Share but don't over share.. Make us care enough to acknowledge and not just eye roll. 

Ugh. People. 


May 22, 2015

The Knockoff.

Counting all your blessings can sometimes be incredibly challenging when you're in the middle of a mess.. 

But then there's that little glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel that reminds you.. 

"Oh here, this feeling.. yeah i've felt this before.. what did I do then.. should I do the same thing now.. or should I try that new thing I told myself back then I should have tried instead.."'

Aaahh.. hello! Second, third, hundredth and thousandth chances.. you have arrived.. Welcome!

It's like that constant pitter-patter that tears you up inside and keeps you awake at night.

It's knowing it's never going to be the same. It's knowing somethings have changed.

Ultimately it's knowing it's going to be ok.

- Jx.

May 19, 2015

Page... I'm not even sure..

I’m not even really sure what’s the last page I turned.. since I've written something on this soul bearing blog of mine..

I've missed it.. maybe because it gives me that unconditional love.. sort of like my Dog.. no matter how long I've been gone, or what’s been going on that’s caused me to be gone.. he loves me crazy..

Well .. that kind of sounds more like the Love God offers too.. but I was trying to go a little less deep.

The last couple of weeks have been hectic. Sometimes I feel my life is a ABC Family sitcom.. other times I feel as if it’s a Lifetime Movie.. rarely does it feel like Gavin & Stacey (Best Show Ever) and surely it’s never been anything like It’s a wonderful life..

But it’s my life and I love it. I enjoy the little moments.. I could do without some of the yucky ones.. but.. you end up learning something from them all.. cliché I know but you really do.. sometimes it takes a few days, weeks, months.. sometimes even years.. and then the A-HA moments.. BOOM.. Learned.

Major things that have happened since we last spoke over this lovely blog and our English cup of tea… I switched jobs. I’m now inspector gadget. – Not at all. I wish.. I always envied his hat that spun.  I work for the City of Arlington.. and my job Is pretty awesome.

A few weeks ago, My husband surprised me with a little baby bear (puppy – 8 weeks) that I have been so desperately longing for since last August after we had to get rid of Bubba (our first Dog) since we moved homes.. I was and still am completely over the moon.. I love both my guys… Baby Bear’s name is Jack Thor.. but he goes by Thor for short.. (Yes we treat him like a real baby.. and by ‘we’ I mean ME).. He has just about everything you can imagine a puppy/real baby needs… Including 8 pairs of puppy socks.. and a baby pacifier.. which we will go with is being used as a “chew toy”..  Actual Truth: I thought it would be the cutest thing in the world.. and I was pretty much 1,000% right. Yeah that’s a thousand not a hundred! The extra zero adds emphasis on the cuteness.

Work has been non-stop for both My Husband and I so it’s nice to catch a break, be home with baby and make dinner… I do wish it happened more often.. but it makes you appreciate that much more.. the time you do get to spend together..

Still seeking, and searching for the next best thing to do.. I’m a woman ready to take over!! First.. though… I gotta take over my living room.. let me tell you THAT is something major.. no matter how many times I clean it.. it’s always –sometimes-kinda-never.. clean.. (at least not how I wish it was).. after that’s been conquered.. let me tell you.. this building my own empire thing.. piece of cake.