May 12, 2014

Oh it's May & Life is Good!

This Sunday Pastor Barry had the whole church all 3,000+ of us sing...

" Yes, Jesus Loves me... Yes Jesus Loves Me... Yes Jesus Loves me.. The Bible tells me so."

It has probably been well over 10 years since I sang that song with Mrs. Carol as I sat on a tarp near the UTA fields... On most Wednesday afternoons for Mission Arlington Bible Studies... I wonder how she is these days.. I have a Thank You note that I must deliver... She has no idea how much she impacted my life as a child. Now looking back a lot of the first verses and Bible activities I ever engaged in we're because of her. May God Bless her this evening and for the rest of the evenings to come! Plant the seeds people!!!

The last two weeks have been so much fun! I can safely say, I love my job. Everyone I have encountered there & the children I've gotten to meet are so lovely. I praise God for leading me where he wanted me to be. The best part of my job is being able to read scripture on the screens in the lobby... praying before meetings begin... and I enjoy when Lt. Jones is there and has scripture ready for all his staff to hear. I waited nearly 7 months for this job. After several no-go interviews... and countless job applications... plus the anxiety of the call backs.. I'm here. Content and continuing to seek God's will for me.

This Thursday I will be leading my very first Women's Bible Study group in my home. I'm so excited and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to fellowship with some lovely young women who are just seeking to love God more and more each day. For he should always be the very first man we ever love, then daddy, then the husband. I know God will be taking over the entire time and I just can't wait!!

I ran a race.. and I can't say which race because it hasn't happened yet and we promised we wouldn't post about it online.. let's just say it was incredibly exhausting. My legs are on fire. I need to work out more. So Sunday, I got myself a pair of yoga pants from Marshall's which we're only like $5! & now all I need is some proper trainers.. because I only have my super cute ( which are now really dirty) floral sneakers from Target ( I LOVE TARGET). I hate sneakers... they make my feet feel claustrophobic.. it sucks! But now... I will have to go get some... I'm skinny yet incredibly out of shape. Best part of this race, (Besides coming home and standing under the A/C) we started the race on the cowboys actual playing field! AWESOME!

& despite all these great things there's always a few that aren't so great... BUT if we stand firm Thanking God for all his goodness that he gives to us, and humbly ask him to strengthen us so we may over come the things that don't come as easily... Life always tends to be amazingly blessed!!

- Jx.

April 28, 2014

You can walk on the water too..

*So, what are you waiting for? What do you have to loose? Your insecurities try to alter you.. You we're made for more.. So don't be afraid to move, Your faith is all it takes.

This week, this life.. has only yet started..

Psalms 37:7 says "God always gives his best, to those who leave the choice with him"


When you seek for answers (whatever they may be) in faith.. believe that you will find them. 

It's never going to be at "The right time".. it will always be, at God's time. Which to be honest is the best time.

Every morning when I scroll through the news I am faced with the reality that we are in the final days. Its unfortunate but true. I'm not one of those crazies that "Think or say they know the exact or round about day of the second coming" because the Bible is very clear that the only one who knows exacts is God himself. As for me, I base my opinion off of scripture. The human race is slowly coming to an end. Murder, Sexual Immorality, Faith being compromised... you name it.. the human race is doing it. If only we as a whole race believed, that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. It would be a relief to know that someone took all our sins away and despite of what he went through he is risen, alive and ready to comfort and love on us. 

It's time for all us Christians to rise up and do something. 

Simple & to the point. 

- Jx.

*Lyrics by Britt Nicole

April 23, 2014

Every Praise... to our GOD!

As it always should be!

Now here's my story and then here's the actual story for today's post.

My story: These past couple of days I have been facing quite a few challenges. However even in the midst of these trials & tribulations some of which have left me without a minute of sleep in the past two nights.. I'm able to rejoice in the love God has for me. He is my best friend and my complete and total comfort. Something the human mind and heart just aren't capable to understand... but he can, and he does. His love never fails. Never gives up on me.

*You brought me this far
So why would I question You now?
You have provided
So why would I start to doubt?
I've never been stranded, abandoned
Or left here to fight alone..
So I'm giving You ( TOTAL) control

The real story: I'd skimmed through an article on the Daily Mail about this little boy in Atlanta who was kidnapped earlier this week.. I didn't click on it though.. Today as I opened up my browser I see it made top news on Yahoo! Watching the video that came along with the post was so intense.. I got shivers. Long story short. This little boy in ATL was lured by a man offering him some money, he was then kidnapped.. as his kidnapper drove for three hours.. this little boy did not fear.. even in his dismay.. he praised God.. he sang the same gospel song for those same three hours.. Non stop. Not even once. He was told many time to shut the front door.. but he kept going. He knew, he would be ok.. because even in the middle of pain, and disaster.. his name should ALWAYS be praised..!! The kidnapper eventually threw the little boy out of his car and told him not to tell anyone. Sure a lot of people and media will look at it like, "He annoyed the man" No he did not annoy the man, he annoyed the spirit living inside that man. Because The Bible says everyone one day will know of his work and of his name. There is no hiding. There is no excuse. That man was convicted in the middle of his sin, simply by being reminded that 'Every Praise is to our God'.

I Thank God, a million time for his love, grace and mercy that he shows to us all each and every single day.. and even though this week has been quite a struggle seeing God at work just picks me right up.. turn out this little boy was released just in time safe and sound before his 10th Birthday.. Thank You Jesus.

April 21, 2014

Giving up rights.

That never really seems to be a good idea.. can you imagine being in a foreign country and completely agreeing to something like that? How scary and terrible would that be?

I can't even imagine.

However sometimes you have to.

There's this little light I have been praying for, because I can see what this light is capable of and just how bright it can shine. It takes me back a bit, to my Grandma and how she always made it a point from day one to instill the Love & Fear of God in me. Until the day she died she always pushed me in that direction.. now there we're times when I didn't want her to push me. There we're times where I really was annoyed at the fact that she kept talking about God and The Bible.. I remember one time (one long time) I was caught up in sin.. deep deep sin.. I couldn't seem to escape and get out of. She was over at the house and just talking catching up as we always did.. Grandma said we should pray.. and my spirit was crying out "YES PLEASE HELP US WE DESPERATELY NEED YOU JESUS" but my flesh wanted nothing to do with it. Either way I bowed my head and prayed.. and as she spoke, I just wanted to confess everything I had been doing. I felt so unworthy just even praying along with her.. but I didn't.. & I kept quiet and said Amen.. Which brings me to now.. It took a while but I finally found redemption, love and forgiveness. I continue each and every day to live out my life the way Christ has called me to do so.. I make mistakes along the way too.. because I'm not perfect.. none of us are and none of us will ever be. I so desperately wish Grandma was here to see this. To see the seed she planted when I was an 8 year old has blossomed and is continuing to blossom each and every day.. She would be so proud. I just now she would be. Today I see why she pushed me.. why she always read scripture to me, why she always wanted me to go to church.. why she always wanted to pray with me.. She saw my potential. I am a God fearing woman. I wasn't born this way, I was taught to be one, by a great Prayer Warrior who loved her God above all things. 

Back to this little light.. just like a candle when the wick makes initial contact with the fire it slowly and dimly flickers.. I see this little light and its faith... flickering. It is weak. Here I come everyday barging in with my 1,000 matches ready to set it on fire. & It isn't ready to be fully lit. My heart breaks for this little light.. I'm afraid this little light will get rained on by one of those huge storms. But in the lyrics of MercyMe..

"But if that's what it takes to praise you.. Jesus bring the rain."

- Jx.