January 23, 2015


In a not so great mood. So glad it's bedtime. 

January 21, 2015

I basically...

Skipped another day.

Oh My Gawdddd!!

What is the deali-O.

Oh well.. I will call this my slack week.. God willing next week.. It'll be on.

I'm still trying to work all details out on this "setting goals" deal. I never have really been the kind of person that set's goal.. I just go with the flow.. (for the most part anyway).. Funny thing is last night as I was reading my devotional from Girlfriends in God.. It was centered around goals.. and I thought "Oh how fitting..".. and I continued to read on.. It really put into perspective that it's OK.. to go with the flow.. however we are also to be guided by Christ and his will for each of our lives to set goals and be determined that if they are in his plans for us he will help us achieve them.. all in his good timing.

The most important thing.. I knew.. but 're-learned' last night.. is if any of my plans, goals, thoughts, ideas, feelings... bring any chaos.. clutter.. stress.. frustration.. anxiousness.. etc into my life.. they are more than likely NOT God ordained.

"God does not ordain chaos. He is a God of order and peace - not confusion and turmoil."


Question of the day: #10 / 25

10 - What was one of your most defining moments in life?

My faith is very sacred and important to me. Therefore I believe the month before I got married was one of the most important moments in my life as a Christian, a soon to be wife and a woman. It was as if everything I had ever stood for, done or said just fell to pieces. As I quietly surrender my life and myself to Christ.. I knew it would be a new beginning for me. It changed the way I thought about things the way I spoke and the things I did. It has brought me to my knees several times as I praise God for allowing me to turn my life around and to love him with everything that I have.

- Jx.

January 19, 2015

Not sure...

How I let another day slip by..

I guess time does fly when you're having fun! 

My husband and I had a wonderful Sunday! We went to church enjoyed some fellowship time with our connect group.. Went downtown to get some amazing pizza... And came home and watched SNL. 

Pretty much the best time with the best guy any girl could ask for! My husband is such a blessing in my life.. I Thank God every day. 

I'll tell ya, God has been doing the unimaginable and unexplainable in our lives.. Molding us daily and chipping away all the bits that make us more like the world.. We praise HIM abundantly as we seek HIM continuously.. & he MEETS our EVERY need. 

Jehova Jireh.. OUR PROVIDER

- Jx. 

January 17, 2015


Yesterday was awesome.... So awesome I forgot to post....

My Husband and I joined our Bible study group & their fellow spouses in a game night... Filled with food, fun, joy and laughter! 

I can't put into words what these people mean to me and I can safely say us .. Both my husband and I look forward to Sunday afternoons where we sit and fellowship with them and pray together and enjoy Gods word.. I am incredibly thankful for them all and the friendships we have made. I know God places people in our lives at the adequate time.. They are all blessings.

I'm pretty sentimental about that.. Why? 
Probably because we joined the connect group.. Exactly when we needed to. When rock bottom had already happened x a million times.. & everything else seemed impossible. HE showed us anything is possible WITH God... And impossible with man

God can do ANYTHING!! & 

God is SO good!! Not sometimes... ALL THE TIME. & Yes, even trough the storms we shall praise!!!