November 17, 2015


I wish freaking out could be so much more eloquent!!
I am just SO excited to finally share With God She Changed!
It’s so pretty. I am proud of it & I am so glad it’s finally here. It’s real and it means something to me, and that’s all that really matters.
It’s an outlet & it’s just what I needed.
Yes I’m doing a happy little dance in my office, in my head.. because otherwise it  would just be too normal.

- Jx.

November 2, 2015


A month later.

In hindsight it's been four months.. but a month since I last squeezed this little baby blog of mine.

The days come and go. Some are better than others.. but I'm still amazed at how far Ive come. How my biggest fear, came to life.. and prior to it all - I remember telling myself if THAT (biggest fear) ever happened..  I think I would die. I think I would be so dead and beyond that I couldn't possibly go on. I would be shattered and so heartbroken that I think I could just drop dead.

& well as you could have guessed it.. yes, biggest fear has come to life. & no... I'm not dead.. I'm happy to report I am very much alive and facing my biggest fear.

I kind of feel like a bad ass.

I never imagined just how much pain and suffering one tiny woman can endure at 23 in 4 months and in a span of 2 days.

The answer: A Lot.

The mission: To give God all the glory.

As I continue to work on #WGodSC I am reminded of how blessed I am to be able to collect these stories in this new chapter of my life and to share them with grace.

I have zero plans on shaming anyone or discrediting the love I was once given (using the word love quite lightly) .. However I can't sugar coat a lot of it either because well.. then that would make me a liar. Something I cannot be.

A month to go until NYC.. & all it's big sparkly lights.
I cannot wait.


October 3, 2015

With God She Changed.

Sometimes you just have to come out and say it. 

Some days are more challenging than others and somehow we still make it. 

This new chapter in my life, no longer includes the person I thought it forever would. 

I can't quite explain how I feel.

But I stand humbled, covered in God's abundant Grace & Mercy, knowing that this storm is not in vain. 

That the best... is yet to come. 

Romans 8:18



August 17, 2015

the situation.

I did a lot this weekend. It was probably one of the best weekends I've had in a really - and I mean that.. long time.

We'll keep it short & simple because Travelocity awaits me.. ( the holidays God willing,  will be spent gawking at beautiful things somewhere between Park Ave, Broadway.. Saks & the windows at Barneys )

- Friday Evening - Hot air balloon 'Festival' ... the word festival is quite questionable... BUT ... for the sake of this post & that small town.. we'll let it be.

- Saturday Afternoon - Myself & a friend of mine rode the TRE downtown and went to the circus.. because my life isn't a circus enough.. I needed to see a little more crazy.. I mean... at least they get to wear glitter / sequins all over their crazy.. if only..

- Saturday Evening - We met up with two of our favorite brother's from different mothers.. and cracked up about life and a load of other things.. pretty much late into the night.. and we ended up at the bowling alley.
SIDE NOTE : this is how I discovered at 22 .. that the little 5 year old in the bowling lane next to us with her parent's.. will ... always be better than me at bowling. Sometimes you gotta loose. I'd be okay with loosing to that cute little girl any day.

- Sunday - Church, Food, Nap, Jersey Shore.... OH MY GAWSH. 

I'm pretty much embarrassed at the fact that I almost did not wake up on time for work because of the freaking Jersey Shore. Let's just say I got 3 hours of sleep.. came home during my lunch break and took an hour long nap. I really need a hobby.

& with that, we close.. we hope.. and we look forward to whatever Lord willing this week has in store for me.

Diligently working on #WGodSC

- Jx