April 18, 2014

Good Friday?


Best Friday.

Earlier today I was surfing TV channels on our cable.. as we don't have many just a few and truthfully most of the time we watch Netflix.. I came across the movie "The passion of Christ" I remember it being a hot title back in the day.. it was all the rage. As a child I was not really allowed by my parents (mom) to watch.. however it has always intrigued me. So of course, when I realized I had the option to record the movie I took it. Much to my dismay... it only recorded the last hour.. but it actually kind of worked out... because I only could watch the first 45 seconds.. as it resumed at exactly the part where Jesus is about to be nailed to the cross. I felt my stomach drop.. literally. I felt a weird churning sensation.. I made the comment to my husband and he says "Its just a movie".. For a brief second I was more than willing to agree.. but then I realized that yes it was movie.. however.. it is being portrayed mildly.. compared to what Jesus had to endure..I said to him "Yes, this is a movie but you've heard Pastor Barry say it was 1,000,000 x worse in real life..." I personally don't think I'm brave enough to sit through the whole movie this evening.. I am heart broken just thinking of everything Jesus had to endure for all of our sins.. every time we think something bad about someone, or gossip, or lie, or steal.. or whatever sin it is.. his blood shed for us.. and yet he continues to love us so much and pour this amazing and abundant love, grace and mercy... It's quite overwhelming.

Praise you Father, for all that you have done.

"Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."

Luke 23:34

- Jx.

April 11, 2014

deep, deep, sigh..

What is up with all these emotions that continue to somehow make their way into my heart and mind?

Go,  A W A Y! 

The past couple of days have been going great Thank God! Yesterday was extra special. I met up with a former co worker for lunch and we had such a pleasant time catching up & discussing our spirtitual battles we are currently facing. It's so comforting having a girlfriend in God. We vowed to pray over each others woes and to stay in touch. It was so lovely. 

Later in the afternoon I came home and made chiles rellenos with beef and raisins.. It was super yummy! 

Mexican Chiles Rellenos
 My Momma taught me well :)

The husband got home from work and worked out whilst I watched TV.. ( how encouraging I know..) I then ( yet again) found something to occupy myself with.. I went into my office / makeup room and decided I should clean out my purse.. 

The most shocking thing I found...?

A packet of Oreo's. Don't even ask.. I have no idea how they got there, either..

Right this very second I'm laying in bed.. contemplating a nap vs. actually getting up and dressed..

Yoga relaxes me so much.. I can't help but crave a nap..

Pink Yoga Mat ♥
Be Thankful, Be Blessed.

- Jx.

April 8, 2014

& the water is rising quick..

*And for years I was scared of it
We can't be sure when it will subside
So I won't leave your side, No I can't leave your side.

I don't think there will ever be enough words to describe the journey I am on. I have strayed so far and yet he has always pulled me back in somehow. He's never failed & I know he won't start now.
These past couple of months I've been able to struggle just enough in which I have found myself in situations where I've had no other option other than bowing my head and asking my savior for strength. You know in pictures sometimes everything can seem so picture perfect.. but the reality of it is.. it never really is. Well.. ok it can be.. but sure there will always be certain struggles that must come along in order to build character and most importantly endurance..

One of the best things I've learned & continue learning.. along the way is to walk by faith. No questions asked.

This pleasant day has brought me incredible joy. For so many reasons.

Breakfast was awesome.. some left over french toast and tiny bits of strawberry.. I felt a little wild this morning so I added whipped cream. Oh yeahhhh.

French Toast.
I mean, as I've mentioned before.. I could never diet properly.. I just LOVE food.

10 Commandment Exodus 20
My Sister & I realized the other day that neither of us know our ten commandments.. whattt? yeah.. little miss know it all doesn't know it all.. at all.. ( too many a's ) Therefore we have challenged each other.. I hope she got that reminder I sent her.. !

Oh & Did I mention my car is officially fixed, good as new!! No literally.. good as new!! 
My Father's rock ( YES, both of them)

1. Father God
2. Earthly Father (also known as) Dad.

I knew God would provide.. One way or another. I just knew it, I knew my prayers had to remain constant, had to consist of all the faith I could muster, and had to be from the heart.

Sometime in my mess I still manage to feel incredibly blessed.

- Jx.

*Lyrics: 'Something Beautiful' - Needtobreathe

April 7, 2014

I can't believe..

I left my stove running an hour and a half A F T E R.. mommy + baby had left. 

Fire Status: No Fire, Thank God.
Allow me to explain. This morning I had an old friend from high school and the cutest baby ever over for breakfast. The last time we talked or passed notes... I wasn't married & She didn't have a precious little baby. You can say it's been a while. Maybe about 4 years? However, It's always lovely being able to reconnect!

Cutie Bear Jude & I
As the day went on I (as per usual) attempted to find things to keep myself busy.. so I embarked on a "iPhone-ography" sessshh. By my lonesome self. ( Haha.. what a sad small sentence...) Anyway, I never ever get to see my neighbors when I look decent.. ( at this point I had already changed back into my PJ's and was rockin' a messy bun) but due to my great neighborness..luck? They we're outside and ready to enjoy the sun.. let's just say.. I had to cut my photo shoot short. I came back inside, and laid in bed, racked up some more casino coins on my "Vacation Slots" game.. (yeah I know.. gambling is no bueno... but ever since the husband and I went to the casino NOW I understand the importance of "Bonus' & Free Spins" .. soo I'm kind of hooked on that app.. hey at least it's not real money I'm $pending.. it could be wor$e) by then it was about quarter til three.. and as I strolled into the kitchen, I saw the stove had been on the whole entire time.. !! Oh my goodness. I know I could have started a fire and what not.. but what I'm MOST  upset about is how much electricity I wasted for no reason!! Haha.!! Paying bills suck.

Yeah.. the pictures got kind of random.. thanks to my neighbor watching me.. iPhoneography.. fail.
Carrying on.. since there was some left over bread slices I had to put my wife/cook thinking cap on and figure something out I could make for dinner. When my husband walked through the door he found himself with one of his favorite kind of sandwiches ever. Bacon + Peperoni + Pepper Jack Cheese. Basically you cram a ton of bacon, peperoni + PJ Cheese.. in between two slices of bread and then you heat it up. YUM. 

I then settled myself into my office, and painted these wooden blocks my dad bought me a while back at a yard sale.. they're so cute! I have yet to decide where I'll place them, but I figure I will start by painting them!

My big white block.
The husband is fast asleep and a bit grumpy.. if you ask me.. so I'm watching F R I E N D S.. and baking sugar cookies.. thank GOD for cookies. They make everything better.

24 blank canvas.. what should I put on them?
- Jx.