February 26, 2015

just cause,

I'm slightly chuckling to myself as I'm sitting here thinking of all the things I wish I could say.. 

Really.. The list could just go on and on..

I'll keep it light and humorous.. I mean some things just have to be that way so they hurt a little less...

Working for this non-profit this last year has been an incredible experience.. I have made some amazing friends.. and have truly understood the meaning of loving and caring for your co workers... and forming a little work family.. as you all know.. there's the odd one's.. but you still love em'..  there's been happy moments.. and really sad moments.. angry moments.. and hilarious moments..
The one thing I can ALWAYS count on at my job.. is there's always a MOMENT... every single day.. some times the things that happen.. I mean.. when I repeat them out loud to other people.. i.e.... Husband/Mom & Dad/ Sister... I sound like a liar... that's how unbelievable some of these things are.. hahaha... seriously... 

 For the second time in the last month or so we had Emmitt Smith come in for one of the Advisory Meetings as well as the mayor..  I am so unphased by their presence.. (which I realize sounds really snobby / pretentious) but it's true.. Like yes they are people of influence but its almost -- the most normal thing we've had happen.. haha.. compared to the crazier things that have happened.. does that make any sense? I get it, having them come in is not that serious or crazy.. but I feel like most people at their jobs would be like OhMyGawd! -- & we're over here like "Ehh.. It's 10am and nothing insane has happened yet other than Emmitt Smith & Mayor Cluck being here.. so far.. so good.." .

Moral of the story: Things are mental at my job.. therefore not much phases me. 

I love my job and have said it since day one.. landing this job with this non-profit has been a blessing.. beyond anything I could have ever imagined.. I do however wish there was a lot more team work.. however I do believe that everyone can improve.. God willing we'll see if the changes that are being made will be of positive change..

- Jx

February 22, 2015

How big of a...

Mess.. am I right now?

Uhm.. let's see... on a scale of 1 to 10.. with 10 being WWII.. Probably an 11.

That's how it feels like anyway.

Yeah life has been beyond shaky and sucky the last month.

Oh did I mention how my bronchitis is wanting to start up again.. from the last two days change in weather.. I'm telling ya, I can't catch a break..

Emotionally Exhausted. Emotionally Drained. Emotionally it's all the same.

I'm EMO. 

Haha, minus the awful hair + braces + neck chokers. 

But Emotional. For sure.

I feel a bit like Peter on the boat.. when he challenged God.. and God asked him to walk on the water.. and Peter steps out in Faith.. and Then.. he lost faith, in the flesh reality hit.. and he began to sink.

I'm Peter right now.

I have to be.. Abraham.

I have to trust God no matter what is thrown my way, taken from me, or given to me.

That's the goal. 

- Jx.

Update: I've just received a text from work notifying us that we are closed tomorrow due to inclement weather.

Praise God.

I wonder if this means iHOP is closed too.. haha... 


February 15, 2015

hate crime.

Strong intro.. BUT.... I'm just saying..

I feel so delirious just thinking about how some people live or are living a good portion of their life doing the wrong thing.. and somehow seem content, happy and at peace..

I know the Bible says to worry about my own business and stay out of other people's... (perhaps not exactly phrased like that.. but.. I'm vaguely quoting Matthew 7:3)...

I'm human and the flesh likes to think things it shouldn't...

How can some of us live in sin and feel happy?

Yet sometimes.. some of us... strive to live a Godly life.. and things seem to be 10x more complicated than they should be... and you're left wondering with a heavy heart.. should I have done the same?

The truth is... no. 

It's a good thing we've turned our ways and cast out sin in HIS name.. 

Those who 'appear' to have it all figured out, happy and content in the midst of a sinful life will soon have to repent and ask God for forgiveness.. 

Why? Because if that day never came... then God wouldn't be a just God. 

& That is something that HE IS.

He is...Just, merciful and abundant in Grace.

It is because of HIS GRACE that we are able to carry on each and every day.

So next time your heart makes you question why you should strive to live a Godly life when living in sin is so much easier.. Just remember...

"You can enter God's Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way."
Matthew 7:13

- Jx.

February 14, 2015

It's Not Over Yet.

Last night's event was amazing. I feel honored and blessed to be able to serve a God who is so good and righteous. I have never felt God's love be so present in my life or in a church before.

 For every good and every not so good thing, I praise him. 

- Jx.