November 10, 2014


Not Quite.

I can't believe we are nearing the end of the year.. It's absolutely mental to think just how many crazy, good, bad, happy and sad things have happened in the last 11 months.. I think this is the moment where I regret not having any form of social media and not being able to go back and trace my steps and make some sappy photo collage of the things that happened from A to Z...

I have been so abundantly blessed this year. I'm amazed at what God's grace and glory can do for those who love him and long to serve him to the best that they can. Knowing I'll never be perfect I still gear up.. in God's armour daily... trusting that I'm simply being molded into the woman he's called me to be. Being molded to serve him and love others the way he needs me to. It's not an easy road but it's by far (as I've said before) the BEST road...

Oh but how can I forget...

This past month I read 2 books. One of which was more like "I'd like some advice from two people I actually look up to and respect" and the other was.. "God is amazing."

I'd normally rave about the first one, however I deem this second book so incredible that not only did it make me question my faith when I pray but it made me long for more of our Saviour.

The book is called.. " Face to Face with Jesus" By Samaa Habib .. It is a nearly-unbelievable story of how God calls this young Muslim woman to reach others  for Christ regardless of the cost... I won't spoil it but.. (Several times.. It nearly costs her, her life) In her obedience Samaa's life is transformed by the God of love. Her powerful testimony has encouraged me to not loose track of where I'm going and how I need to get there. Something we forget on a daily basis.. This is NOT our home.. We're just hanging out.. 

If you don't normally read.. I understand. Reading is not necessarily for everyone.. However.. If there is one book you should read it's this one. Trust me, you won't regret it.

I'm trying to wrap this up in the best way that I can.. Today has been a roller coaster ride for me. I've been everywhere emotion wise.. & I can't allow myself to do that. I can't get comfortable thinking this is it.. This is all it will ever be. God is faithful and good.. I trust him to make all things work for the better of my own good. Romans 8:28...

Yeah, That wraps it up.

- Jx.

November 3, 2014

Hallelujah Fest..

Man Oh Man.. I had a B L A S T !!

Being able to serve God, My Church and the Community alongside the man of my dreams.. My Husband.. Is definitely what life is about...

I have never experienced this kind of joy and this immense peace.. and I believe it comes from being more involved with the church and other fellow believers (my connect group).. As well as being obedient to God in our tithes despite what our bank account numbers may say.. We are to be faithful and remain true to God's word.. as he is Jehova Jireh.. and He will always provide for his children.. The relationship that we have is unbreakable. He is my best friend I know he is there. I have been a 'Thomas' before.. I think we all have.. however there is NO WAY... I could doubt the Son of the Living God.. He has provided for me in such ways that people find it hard to believe.. and for that.. I am eternally grateful.

The hubby and I served the elementary kids in the milk bottle toss game.. I was instructed to give out 2-3 pieces of candy to each child.. however... I decided that I would be the cool lady at the booth and started giving 6-7 pieces.. Of course.. we had like 3 kids.. who just kept coming back time and time again.. haha.. I mean what can  I say..  I think I even named one of the kids ( who if I remember correctly was wearing a red cape... "Milk Bottle Supaa Staaaa") Oh yeah.. we had a blast.. Soon we had another couple come and relieve us and they took over for the next shift.. I couldn't believe an hour had gone by so fast!!

Shortly after we grabbed some food and attempted to keep an eye on my sister and cousin.. We sat, ate, talked.. and then it was time! 

For King & Country.. I can't even explain.. You just had to be there. 

My sister and I got front.. Yes.. LITERALLY FRONT row.. !!!! We we're freaking out.. It was AMAZING!! My husband didn't fan girl out.. so he declined the front row.. so my sister and I just made the most out of it!!! He did however get me an autograph from Joel.. and I managed to get a pic with him as well.. and a little BONUS.. Mrs. Joel-Moriah-Peters was there as well.. I felt so compelled to let her know just how much her I AM SECOND testimony had impacted me .. and I shared my testimony with her as well.. It was a short but pleasant conversation.. We had so much fun!


- Jx.

October 16, 2014

I’m overwhelmed...

God has been so good to me my entire life.

However I never appreciated it as much as I do now...

I've taken quite a hiatus from my baby (blog) in the last couple of months.. The routine of work -- really got to me.

Typically I'm quite able to make some time to blog, as that's the cheapest form of therapy there ever was.. haha.. BUT... you know how it goes.

I'm currently experiencing an amazing revival in my life, as I continue to surrender to Christ the Son of the living God.. completely. It's not an easy walk.. but it's the best walk one could ever choose to take..

I'm excited to be back and share the amazing things God has done, is doing and will do.. in my life.

- Jx.

May 12, 2014

Oh it's May & Life is Good!

This Sunday Pastor Barry had the whole church all 3,000+ of us sing...

" Yes, Jesus Loves me... Yes Jesus Loves Me... Yes Jesus Loves me.. The Bible tells me so."

It has probably been well over 10 years since I sang that song with Mrs. Carol as I sat on a tarp near the UTA fields... On most Wednesday afternoons for Mission Arlington Bible Studies... I wonder how she is these days.. I have a Thank You note that I must deliver... She has no idea how much she impacted my life as a child. Now looking back a lot of the first verses and Bible activities I ever engaged in we're because of her. May God Bless her this evening and for the rest of the evenings to come! Plant the seeds people!!!

The last two weeks have been so much fun! I can safely say, I love my job. Everyone I have encountered there & the children I've gotten to meet are so lovely. I praise God for leading me where he wanted me to be. The best part of my job is being able to read scripture on the screens in the lobby... praying before meetings begin... and I enjoy when Lt. Jones is there and has scripture ready for all his staff to hear. I waited nearly 7 months for this job. After several no-go interviews... and countless job applications... plus the anxiety of the call backs.. I'm here. Content and continuing to seek God's will for me.

This Thursday I will be leading my very first Women's Bible Study group in my home. I'm so excited and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to fellowship with some lovely young women who are just seeking to love God more and more each day. For he should always be the very first man we ever love, then daddy, then the husband. I know God will be taking over the entire time and I just can't wait!!

I ran a race.. and I can't say which race because it hasn't happened yet and we promised we wouldn't post about it online.. let's just say it was incredibly exhausting. My legs are on fire. I need to work out more. So Sunday, I got myself a pair of yoga pants from Marshall's which we're only like $5! & now all I need is some proper trainers.. because I only have my super cute ( which are now really dirty) floral sneakers from Target ( I LOVE TARGET). I hate sneakers... they make my feet feel claustrophobic.. it sucks! But now... I will have to go get some... I'm skinny yet incredibly out of shape. Best part of this race, (Besides coming home and standing under the A/C) we started the race on the cowboys actual playing field! AWESOME!

& despite all these great things there's always a few that aren't so great... BUT if we stand firm Thanking God for all his goodness that he gives to us, and humbly ask him to strengthen us so we may over come the things that don't come as easily... Life always tends to be amazingly blessed!!

- Jx.